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About Us

Knead A Slice is an independent, family owned pizzeria established in 2021. After years of working in the food industry, we wanted to try a new adventure. We're known for our contemporary Neapolitan pizza, hand-crafted cocktails, craft beers, local coffee and high quality breakfasts. 

If you're looking for a cosy, chilled and friendly environment our pizzeria is for you! We've mixed the best bits of a bar with pizza and breakfast to create a top-notch joint.  


Our Pizza

Pizza is our passion...

Our contemporary Neapolitan pizzas with a modern twist and top-notch ingredients. The secret is all in the dough! Our unique dough is a minimum 48 hour process. 

We take great pride in the fresh ingredients we provide to top your pizza with! The majority of our ingredients are sourced from Italy, giving that authentic feel to what you are eating. 



Although pizza is the star of the show, we also serve breakfasts, benny's, french toast and other bits! 

We like to keep our products local. We make all our bread from scratch every day. Our meat is sourced from Linsley's Butchers. Our eggs are from Clark's eggs. Our coffee is from Lonton's coffee. 

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